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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Common Questions
  • Who can play this game?
    Anyone and everyone. While our technology is cutting-edge, even those who would not consider themselves “computer whizzes” will be able to puzzle along too.
  • What are the basic rules of the Digital Escape Room Adventures?
    The adventures last exactly one hour for Scenario 1, and 30 minutes for Scenario 2 Episodes, no matter how many members make up your team. The overall game time will end even if the team fails to escape within the allotted time – don’t worry though! You still get an epic conclusion to your story. Your team will need to actively discover clues throughout the rooms, unlock technological features, and use your sharp wit to progress the story line.
  • How many players make up a team? Is there a minimum?
    We highly suggest 6 players for Scenario 1, and 4 players in Scenario 2 and Scenario 3 episodes. You can attempt the adventure with a smaller or larger team, but to fully enjoy and maximize your experience (and have the highest potential of winning) Digital Escape Rooms has designed these adventures around the suggested number. Each Scenario has a minimum number of players to reserve a time, listed on each Scenario's Booking page. At least one adult guardian (at no charge) must accompany paid groups of children under 16, even if this brings the group total to more than the recommended maximum players.
  • What are the team success rates of the Digital Escape Room Adventures?
    The success rates vary greatly depending on each adventure’s overall difficulty and the team’s custom difficulty setting mentioned in the *Digital Escape Rooms ONLY FEATURES* below. There are no set rates because your team’s composition changes the dynamic of the way the Adventure is played – your team may be EPIC! If you like to win and have an easier time, or are with a group primarily of children, we suggest the easier difficulty settings of the adventures.
  • Is your team really locked in a room, is it scary? What if there is an emergency?"
    Digital Escape Rooms has the World’s-Only technologically advanced Escape Room Adventures that are highly immersive and very “real feeling;” however your team will never be in any danger what-so-ever. Before your team enters the experience, the Digital Escape Rooms customer relations group will show your team how to exit for emergencies.
  • Are there Hints available?
    Yes, hints are given in forms of extra clues throughout the adventure. Typically these hints will be in a form that follows the story line. Your team’s progress will be monitored and extra hints may be given if the Digital Escape Rooms technical team feels your team is stuck.
  • Will I be paired with strangers if my group doesn't completely reserve all tickets for a room?
    Sometimes – initial reservation requirements for a time slot are listed in each Scenario's Booking page. After an initial reservation is made, additional tickets may be sold to the same time slot and experience to fill the room. You may end up having the room with only your original team members, though, so be ready to tackle twice the puzzles!
  • Can I reschedule or cancel my reservation?
    Digital Escape Rooms will always work with you to the best of our staff’s ability to ensure you have a wonderful experience. But, since Digital Escape Rooms Adventures are blocked off and reserved for your team when you sign up for a block of time, refunds are not offered and rescheduling requests cannot be guaranteed. If there is an emergency or unforeseen event, you can contact a Digital Escape Rooms associate and we will always work with you to the best of our ability and schedule to get you a replacement time if possible.
  • What should I bring?
    You are welcome to bring any personal items to the facility. However, we ask that there be no filming or recording of any kind while inside the rooms. For this reason, you will be asked to leave phones and purses in one of the provided lockers. If any type of recording device is observed in the room, your adventure may be terminated immediately.
  • Is my group responsible for damages to the facility?
    Digital Escape Rooms has ruggedized the facility, even the high-tech portions, to stand up to regular and repeated player use. There are also clearly-marked "Do not touch" signs and introductory videos that your team will see that will instruct everyone on your team on how to properly play in our digital escape rooms. With that said, if any member of your team ignores posted signs, destroys any technological devices, or damages facility property, you may be held liable for the damages depending on video recordings and reports of the incident.
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