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Scenario 1: The Sol Solution


Easy, Medium, or Hard


60 Minutes

Group Size

4 - 6 Cadets

Escape Rate

55% on Easy, 15% on Medium, and 1 Group on Hard

Best Time

42:11 on Easy, 52:17 on Medium, and 58:22 on Hard


Work together to salvage an alien spacecraft and escape intergalactic peril!

The year is 2225.  Humanity has long gazed into the vast reaches of deep space and, not so long ago…we found life staring back at us.  This is the story of one brave mission that you and your crew shared…a story of adventure…quick thinking…and most importantly, how you all worked together to face nearly impossible odds. Bring groups of up to 6 cadets for 60 minutes for the most out-of-this-world Escape Room adventure ever.

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